The Coolest Part of Who We Are

“The key to confidence is being your authentic self. Your authentic self is the coolest part of who you are”

– Gabby Bernstein.

So I am preparing to give a keynote speech at an annual Leadership Conference at my Alma Mater, Cheshire High School. And as I have been preparing what I want to say to the students, my mind keeps coming back to this one theme: authenticity. Stepping into who you are and who you were meant to be. As it is a day about leadership, it got me thinking about how perhaps the most important quality any great leader can have is the bravery to live a life that is true to them. And while I feel it is an important topic to bring to them, I thought I would bring it to you this week, too. It is universal to us all.

And so, today I came across the Gabby Bernstein quote above. What if we could look at our authenticity as the coolest part about us? When we are living in authenticity, we are the most grounded, present, joyful versions of ourselves. I love this part of the definition of authentic: “not false or copied”. When we are brave enough to remember who we are at our core, we are living in our truth.

There is a purpose and unique reason for being within each of us. And while it can take some time to uncover it, it also is showing up all around us, all of the time. It comes out in moments every day- the ones in which we feel most alive and connected to ourselves.

When I take a look at any great leader on any scale, I notice this one thing: they are fully and completely and without compromise, themselves. They have so deeply tapped into their authenticity and bravery that they are then confident in themselves as a result. 

Choosing to not teeter on the perimeter of the person you want to be takes courage and repeated self-belief. It requires stepping outside of one’s comfort zone, and even the confidence to go against the grain sometimes. It is about letting go of the fear, and just diving right in. It’s the only way to truly get to know yourself, what you want for yourself, and what you want to bring to life. Living a life that is vast, fulfilled, connected, and authentic to you is what makes it beautiful. Be confident. Because you being YOU is the absolute coolest thing.

One thought on “The Coolest Part of Who We Are

  1. Absolutely! [applause]
    Great post on a topic in which I am invested. The most miserable people I know are all living ‘outward’ wanting credit, praise, and mostly, validation from others. Once what we think of ourselves comes first, joy, authenticity, and purpose are the biproduct. It cannot be confused with narcissism because the prime directive of being authentic is to never lie to yourself and frequently laugh at yourself too.


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