On Writing Your Story And Holding The Pen

“If your life were a book and you were the author, how would you want your story to go?”

Amy Purdy

This is the question that Amy Purdy asks her listeners at the end of each of her podcast episodes. Amy is a para-snowboarder (2014 Paralympic Bronze Medalist), bestselling author, motivational speaker, and has even competed on Dancing With The Stars and The Amazing Race. She lost both of her legs at the age of 19. I have been deeply inspired by Amy for the past three years since learning about her story. She is an example of resilience, grace, and living life to the fullest. And so, as I listened to her ask this question, it got me thinking….

We are in fact the authors of our own life. We can enhance the chapter we are in, start planning for the next, and everything in between. It is fascinating to look at people who have overcome incredible adversity and challenge. I notice something profound in these people. They have been so exposed to the preciousness of life, that they spend the rest of it choosing to live only in the way they want to. 

Everyone encounters struggle. But it is in the resiliency of spirit that one remembers that they hold the pen in the story of their life. It is a beautiful thing- the ability to chart one’s own course. It is not easy. That is perhaps why many forget the power that they hold, and get swept up in going through the motions. But it is never too early or too late to write the story that is most true to you. 

We have the ability to create or maintain or change our life into one that feels most authentic to us. One that allows connection and joy, and is led with our intuition, rather than fear. And when we do this, the possibilities are endless….

Amy Purdy- Resilience in a photograph.

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