On Looking Forward and Smiling Back

Yes, it does.

Time is such a surreal thing. To think that just over one year ago, the world became a different and unique version of itself, is hard to believe. I believe that this has been perhaps one of the most important years for many of us. We have learned an invaluable lesson. The lesson that life has a way of happening and moving whether or not all of our plans go according to what we imagined them to be. There has been so much that has happened outside of our control. And by learning to ease up on the control we feel that we need, we have gained a new sense of trust in that what is supposed to be, will be. It might not happen right away, but if it is meant for us, we will find it! 

Having relentless courage and hope for our dreams, goals, and life no matter what is happening, is one of the most important skills we can embody. Learning to get knocked off the horse and make our way back up is such a fundamental part of the human experience. 

And sometimes, it feels like realizations, plans, and discoveries come at once. As I have been planning exciting things for my own future, I have been having this incredible feeling- one of reflection, anticipation, and gratitude. Reflection on what has been learned this year, anticipation for what is to come, and gratitude for all of it. As life continues to pick up the pace, keep looking forward with belief and enthusiasm. But also don’t forget to glance back from time to time to appreciate what has gotten you here. Each moment leads to the next, for a reason, whether we know it or not. 

2 thoughts on “On Looking Forward and Smiling Back

  1. Hi Paige! I read this today and am including it in a message to all CHS tomorrow- for some inpsiration. Your words couldn’t be truer! I hope all is well!


  2. Hi Paige !
    This is Mrs. Card. I miss you here at CHS. You were always such a bright spot in my day !!!
    Your beautiful smile was contagious.
    You are so gifted and I am sure you will touch many lives. I am grateful to have had you in my life.
    let your LIGHT shine sweetie !!!!!!!


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