On The Making Of Moments

If life is a collection of moments, why do some stand out so clearly in our memory even long after they occur? You know those moments- the beautiful, hilarious, adventurous, sometimes unreal experiences that become the best stories to tell later. They are the ones that are always first brought up to reminisce, and the ones that serve as little guideposts in our lives. They are so awesome to look back on because they were moments that offered a peek into our most authentic, spontaneous, and full self. 

There seems to be a distinct difference between those moments and the ones of daily, ordinary routine. And it makes me think- in order to have those moments, we must be around the people and in the places that bring out the best of who we are. And most importantly, we must look at life as something that is filled with infinite adventure and moments of intense joy, hilarity, connection, and self-becoming. Because it is. 

And the key is to realize that these moments can come to us at any time. In the mundane, the extraordinary, and everything in between. It is all about our lens and perspective. Speaking of- yesterday I had one of those timeless moments. On a hilarious, unexpected, albeit downright treacherous hike up (and down) Mount Nittany in PA, I think my friends and I were reminded. Reminded that the best of stories often come from times like these. One minute you are taking the doors and roof off the Jeep to take a ride on what felt like a summer’s day, and the next minute you are nearly sliding down the side of a mountain that is covered in a sheet of ice in torrential rain. All the while surrounded by other Penn State students who decided to do the same on their day off. In a moment of laughing at the absurdity of the situation, I got a familiar feeling. This was one of those moments.

I have always had a keen awareness of these times- whether it be with family, friends, or even total strangers. They are what bind us, and simply something to add to the book of our lives. Keep adding as many anecdotes, stories, falls, and triumphs. They are all important. They make up who we are, and remind us when we need reminding. And, after-all, life is an adventure. An awesome one at that.

Before the rain…. 😉

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