“Give Me Some Peace, Love, Happiness”

“Worry is a waste of time.”

It sounds so simple, so effortless. Yet, it is a thing we all do, some more than others. And worry is a funny thing because what I worry about may never cross your mind, and vice versa. It is an illusive, unique thing to all of us that has a way of sliding beneath the surface. So, why do on some days we float on by with ease and peace, and other days, worry creeps in? Well, I don’t know the answer to that, but what I do know is that there is a distinct factor that I believe causes this difference. It is a detail that is so innate that we seem to forget it! We are either living with a sense of trust and peace within, or we are letting worry or uncertainty take over.

And so, just as the song says, “….let it flow, let yourself go”- maybe it is about letting things flow the way they are meant to. We all want control over our day, our feelings, and our endeavors. But do you ever notice that when you try to control things so much, they actually go in a different direction than you wanted them to? If you invest in trust and confidence rather than control and worry, you will be surprised and amazed at the results. Some of the very best times in life happen on a whim. They are in-the-moment experiences. And you know the feeling you get when you just let things unfold. It is a good feeling.

Only until we become able to let most things roll off of us with ease, will we be present enough to experience these moments. And when we look back, it will be the moments of peace, love, and happiness that we will remember and relish in. Not the ones of worry, doubt, or uncertainty.

See where the day takes you. You just might be surprised.

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