A Belief In Self-Belief

As Marcus Garvey said,

“With confidence, you have won before you have started”. 

Who we are today, in many ways, determines who we become tomorrow. What a fantastic concept. What we aspire to be, have, and do in the future can serve as a guidepost for how we live today. One of the most powerful things in life is to be inspired by other people. But what if we could also inspire ourselves? If we could leverage the power of the courage and confidence within us, we could rely on ourselves to bring us anywhere we want to be.

Life is ever-changing, unpredictable, and is always either pushing us one direction or pointing us towards another. It is constantly bringing us new experiences, opportunities, and challenges. This is part of what makes it exciting and amazing. But when we truly know and believe in ourselves, whatever course we are on, will be true to us. And isn’t that one of the highest forms of success? Being true to what we know is the way we want to experience life. It is a willingness to learn, bounce back, take risks, and have fun while doing it all. 

So, how does our life look in 10 years? This is an important question to ask. And by visualizing that future picture of ourselves, we are actually becoming more present to the now, because it gives us something to always shoot towards. Live in the now, and be excited for tomorrow. Steer your ship in the best direction you can imagine.

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