I See Me In You: Reflections On Life’s Adventures….

“Life is either a daring adventure, or nothing at all.”

-Helen Keller

A quote my dad often repeats. I have always loved it, and have used it as a sort of barometer. A check-in, and a reminder. To me, the “adventure” of our life is unique to each of us. But I believe that it means living a life of passionate wonder. One of friendship, laughter, and belief in oneself. This is something both of my parents have inspired in me, and they are ways of living that I try to emulate. They are insights that remind me of all that life is and all that it has the potential to be. 

And so, I was recently looking through an old photo album and came across the above left picture, of my mom in Florence. Twenty-one years ago, to the month, my parents traveled to Italy. And two years ago, so did I, on a trip I was lucky enough to take with some of my very best friends. Italy had always held a sentimental value to me. A wonderful mystique. Something about knowing that my parents had traveled there before I was born made me want to experience it, too. They had always said that Florence was their favorite. And to little surprise, it was mine as well. During a moment in my life where I was on my own awesome adventure, I couldn’t help but think about them when they were on theirs.

So when I saw this picture, I knew that it reminded me of something I had seen before. And that turned out to be the photo of me, pictured above to the right. It is funny how certain moments can let us in on so much about what life is trying to show us. These two moments, on the same streets, nearly 20 years apart, represent something amazing. The adventures of our lives make up a part of the fabric of who we are. The friends and family, the moments we create with them, and the chances we take are what make the adventure.

This little trip down memory lane made me reflect on where I came from, the adventures I’ve had, and the ones I have yet to take. I love that I see me in my mother there on those streets of Florence, and who knows….maybe we can add another picture in 30 years 😉

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