Tied By The Sea: Lessons On How We Are Connected And Why It Matters

I love the ocean. It has always, and continues to be a big part of my life. I have always felt a strong connection to it, and to me it serves as a symbol of family, oneness, and clarity. In fact, I learned recently that my middle name, Morgan, means “of the sea”. That explains my love for dolphins and many hours spent in the ocean growing up. It all makes sense 😉

So, when I had to choose a Natural Science course this semester, I picked Geoscience 40, also called The Sea Around Us. My professor began the class by stating how the ocean is a powerful connector. And it made me immediately think of the above quote by John F. Kennedy that I had read in an article about him. As a lover of the sea himself, I found this insight to be remarkable. “When we go back to the sea….we are going back to whence we came”. 

The way that I look at this, is as a reminder. A sign of affirmation. And while the ocean may mean something different to everyone, it at least can be a symbol that reminds us that we are all connected by something much larger than ourselves. And it is important to remember that. The following quote is by a centenarian. In fact, this centenarian is from one of the Blue Zone regions of the earth, the island of Sardinia in Italy,

“I try not to worry. I just try to live.” 

When we can slow down enough to see the truth and the beauty in that simple phrase, we see that choosing to truly live each day is the best decision we could make. Choose to see the wonder and the love and the possibility in each day. There may always be distractions, worry, and anticipation. And that’s okay because it keeps us on our toes. But know when it’s time to just live in this moment for all that it is. And always choose to trust in life, in ourselves, and in each other. We are all tied together after all.

And if you need some reminding, take a trip to the ocean. 

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