“On People, Moments, And Stories: Everything Happens For A Reason”

So, there is this playlist that I oftentimes will listen to on a cold winter day. Now, if you heard it you would probably consider it odd timing as it consists of Bob Marley and the Wailers, Jimmy Buffet, and Jack Johnson to name a few. And while I do love winter in New England, sometimes it is fun to feel like I am on a feel-good tropical island somewhere. My favorite is to listen to it while jump roping. Seriously, it’s an awesome combination. Anyways, a song came on by Bob Marley called “Wake Up And Live”. And it got me thinking….

“Wake up and live”. Yes. Waking up each day with a purpose. With an intention to leave it better than it was when you woke up. To inspire someone else. Even to inspire yourself. And at the very least, to experience life for all that it is that day. That I believe, is what it means to “wake up and live”. 

So this has made me think about a quality that I believe separates ordinary lives from extraordinary ones. The ability to realize the beauty in making the choice to consciously live each day, rather than merely walk through it. And so much about living, is appreciating those whose lives intersect with ours.

I want to use the example of two powerful women whose lives have had a special and unique way of intersecting with mine. I have written about Rebecca Timlin-Scalera before on my blog and the impact that she had on everyone who knew her. And while I never had the opportunity to meet her, learning about her story and legacy have inspired me in profound ways. And a recent conversation with my friend, and mentor Vivian (Rebecca’s sister) got me thinking about how all of our lives are inextricably connected. And in a moment of mutual gratitude, I started to think: Isn’t it amazing how in this life, we come across people, stories, and moments that end up having such an incredible impact on us?  And if you think about it, out of all of the people in this world to meet and become inspired by, the ones that we do, are most definitely, for a reason.

Let us take a moment to think about this. Whether it is our family, our best friends, or people who come into your life for a special reason. It is all on purpose. It always has been, and it will always continue to be. Take the time to express your gratitude to them. To my family, oldest and dearest of friends, new friends, mentors, etc., Thank you for your touch on me and my life.

And I find it most fitting to end this with a quote from Reb, as she was someone who chose to live every day to its absolute fullest and touched an incredible number of lives.

“I have an innate and very strong sense of how to love and enjoy life, and I truly try to make the most out of every minute I’ve been given. Finding fun, joy, love, adventure, and gratitude wherever possible.”


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