On Golden Moments And Winter Intentions….

There is an Italian proverb that goes,

“Those who sing through the summer, must dance in the winter”.

I love it. Yes, let’s dance at every chance we get. Why wouldn’t we? I have always had a love for this time of year and the feelings, traditions, and moments that come along with it. It is a time that reminds us of the importance of slowing down and appreciating the “golden moments” that the season brings. 

Recently, I traveled to Camden Maine with my mother for some quality mom-daughter time. I have always loved to travel, as my parents were always wanting to show me new places. And somehow, all of these places seemed to have a meaning behind them. They had a way of attaching a sentimentality to each adventure. My mom went to college in Maine and I grew up listening to the stories of her days on the shores of Sebago Lake, visiting coastal fishing villages and experiencing the snowy winters there. And so, I wanted to see this part of her life. It is interesting to think of her there at the same age that I am now. I find these kinds of things special- to share unique parts of our lives with the people we love.

Maine in December is the quintessential image of a New England winter. The right mix of coast and Christmas- two of my most favorite things. We stayed in a beautiful Inn called the Camden Maine Stay Inn. It has an uncanny resemblance to one you would find in a Hallmark Movie, with innkeepers who by the end, felt like old friends. And….it just happened to snow when we were there. Things just have a way of working out perfectly sometimes. And in a world where perfection is far from attainable, you begin to appreciate the smaller, genuine moments that seem pretty close to it.

And I walked away from that trip with a renewed reminder that oftentimes golden moments come when we least expect them. And that it doesn’t take a whole lot to create them either. It is about appreciating whatever season you are in, at the time that you are in it. So, whether it is taking a trip down memory lane with your mom or even just down your neighborhood lane, make an effort to find the golden moments. Find the connection with the people and moments and places that feel like home to you. And even though a festive house packed with family and friends isn’t in the cards for most of us this year, we can still create moments of warmth, love, family, and friendship. 

So, here’s my intention for this winter: let’s dance as often and as much as possible. For the big things and the small moments. And as one of my favorites, Jennifer Lopez says, “I wanna dance, and love, and dance again”. Sounds pretty good to me 😉

2 thoughts on “On Golden Moments And Winter Intentions….

  1. what an inspiring message! yes the golden moments are the ones we all need to hold onto! thanks for sharing this cheer with us all paige


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