“Simply Because We Don’t Look Up….”

Branford, CT.

“I wonder how many beautiful skies we miss simply because we don’t look up”. Justin Baldoni, best known for his role as Rafael on Jane The Virgin shared this insight the other day. A video of him and his family sitting outside, looking up at a clear blue sky, asking this question. And I think that this wisdom, while simple, is actually incredibly profound. How many moments, conversations, stories, people, feelings, or skies like the one in the picture above do we miss simply because we do not see them? Even when they are right in front of us…. 

It is easy to be distracted. But how can we break from the habit of distraction and overwhelm that takes our attention away from these moments? Well, it comes down to being intentional and present. It is about taking a breath and looking around at what the world is offering. My favorite Motivational Speaker, Mel Robbins once said:

“The truth is…. life isn’t passing by in years, its passing by in moments. Very powerful moments.”

She’s right. Life is made up of a collection of moments. Moments of joy, love, connection, struggle, growing, and learning. All unique and all incredibly powerful. Perhaps one of the most beautiful ways to look at life is like a story. Each one of us has been given the opportunity to truly write our own story. Remember, we are the captains of our own ship. And when we steer it in the direction of the best, most authentic life we can imagine, it inspires others around us to do the same. Relish in the moments of joy and be present to them. Do not let them pass by. And lean into the moments of challenge. They are there to teach us something. Do not let those pass by either ;).

It is said that the smallest moments oftentimes turn out to be the most amazing ones of all. Look around. Look up at that sky, out at that ocean, over at that friend, and even in the mirror at yourself. Our experience is determined by the lens we use to see the world. See if for what it is: amazing.

2 thoughts on ““Simply Because We Don’t Look Up….”

  1. My favorite line from this post: “when we steer it in the direction of the best, most authentic life we can imagine, it inspires others around us to do the same.” This is so incredibly important! Thank you for these beautiful reminders!

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