As Mel Robbins Would Say, “Do It Anyways”….

Mel always knows. She is like the wise friend that has a way of making you believe in yourself. And really, I think that at the end of the day, a belief in self is one of the most important things we can have. And I don’t mean an unshakable confidence that voids all doubt and uncertainty- because that is not human nature. We, as humans are designed to have some doubt. But it is what we do with that doubt that makes all the difference.

Know this: we can always find the courage, belief, inspiration, and purpose within ourselves. Surrounding ourselves with positive people who push us to be the best that we can be is crucial. But tapping into that from within ourselves is a beautiful thing. And it is right there within all of us. It always has and it always will be. We just have to look 😉

Think about the things that you want in your life. And then take a look at yourself. And then ask yourself, “are my thoughts, actions, and intentions aligned with the most beautiful version of my life that I can imagine?” The truth is, we can create anything we want in our lives. But it is up to us. Each and every day, making the decisions that will push us further in the direction of our dreams. It is not what we do once a week or twice a year, but rather what we do each and every day that will lead us there. It is in the inner belief that even if we run into doubt, it is okay, because we already have all that we need. 

As we move into the last few months of this year, think about the areas in your life that you could use some self-belief. And I promise that something great will come out of it. And I will leave you with a few things….

  1. Trust in your intuition. That, above anything else will lead you in the right direction.
  2. Do not be afraid to be brave and believe in yourself. It is one of the best things we can do- for ourselves and others.
  3. Take others along for the ride. 
  4. This life is pretty amazing….even in times of uncertainty or fear- take note of the small moments in which we can lift ourselves, and those around us, up.

One thought on “As Mel Robbins Would Say, “Do It Anyways”….

  1. Thank you for this! I love your reminder that “a belief in self is one of the most important things we can have.” If you haven’t listened yet, check out one of Brene Brown’s latest podcasts where she talks about the concept of strong backs, soft fronts, wild hearts that she writes about in Braving the Wilderness: I agree with you wholeheartedly that strengthening our backs is critical to us being able to show up in the world the way we need to. Thanks for reminding us. Have a beautiful day!


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