The Beautiful And True

As Bob Proctor said, “If you can see it in your mind….you can hold it in your hand”….

It’s true.

Author Glennon Doyle asks in her best-selling book Untamed, “what is the truest and most beautiful version of your life that you can imagine?” I believe that every once in a while, we must check in and remind ourselves of what that looks like. Afterall, we only get one shot, one opportunity to make our life all that it can be. So, I ask you this question:

“What do you plan to do with your one wild and precious life?” Reminding ourselves that life is indeed precious can be enough to inspire us to make it amazing. I want to propose a few ideas to you today that I hope can inspire you as you strive to lead your truest and most beautiful life.

~ Dream Big. Do not let the fear of failure or uncertainty cause you to diminish the aspirations you have for yourself. And when life gets hard, don’t back down. If it were easy, everyone would achieve anything they set their mind to. Enjoy the ride to the top of wherever it is you want to go. And pull others along with you- it surely makes the ride more fun.

~ Amidst your dreaming big, do not let the days pass you by. I’ll say that again. As you set your sights high, do not let excitement for the future take away from the beauty of the now. Living each day as if it is the only one you have while having dreams for your future is an art. A delicate balance so to speak. But it is very possible to do both, and necessary in order to maximize your one wild and precious life.

~ “Say thank you for what is already yours”- Denzel Washington. Having gratitude for what we have in our lives is very powerful. And when we are in tune with our gratitude towards our life, and the people in it, life becomes much more beautiful.

And so, if you are needing a little more inspiration, this is a video I often return back to.

Now, go and live it.

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