On Moments and Memories

Isn’t it funny to think that life, in essence, is one string of continual memory making? A process that literally takes place from our first minute to our last. Memories have always, and continue to represent something sacred to me: moments of time that make life beautiful, special, and meaningful. I am fortunate to come from a large and loving family, amazing friends, and connections to great people. This alone has allowed me to be very in tune with a deep appreciation for memories and the role that they play in our lives. But I am here to tell you that no matter your background, family, or experiences, the power is within you to consciously make meaningful memories. The power has always been and always will be with you. 

As the summer is winding down, it got me thinking about the nostalgic, bittersweet feeling that hits me every year during this time. While this summer has certainly been different from summer’s past for just about all of us, it has been a time of memory making nonetheless. In fact, in many ways, I have personally used this time to pause and realign with myself and my goals. This is something we all should do from time to time throughout our life, refocus on what really matters, and what we can do to enhance our experience of life and of those around us. I hope that this time has inspired others to take a deeper look at what they have to be grateful for as well. One thing that I realize when I am in a state of gratitude, is that I begin to feel much more present. Now, being present is essential for strong memory-making. When we are open to what is around us: the scene and the people, we are better able to absorb the moment and take in what is around us. While Christmas traditions and endless summer days stand out strongly under the category of memories, let us also realize that all of the moments in between have the power to be just as defining, and profound. 

To quote Winnie the Pooh (a childhood favorite among many), “it is often the smallest things that take up the most room in our hearts”. I happen to agree! Many times, it is the small moments that in the long run, end up holding the most meaning. Maybe it is the familial or friendship rituals that you have such as morning coffees, walks around the neighborhood, trips to a favorite restaurant, car rides, and the list goes on….or maybe it is the ones that you remember from high school or college- the hilarious moments, the adventurous ones, and the struggles that brought you closer to the people around you- these are all moments that are made into memories. 

I believe that you are truly wealthy when you have a rich and full bank of memories inside of your mind. I can imagine that the happiest people at the end of their life are the ones with many memories. One rule of thumb to keep in mind- if what is making you stressed or anxious won’t matter in 5 years, try to place much less weight on it’s importance and space in your mind. 

So, if you feel like life has you running in circles and exhausted by responsibility, stress, and deadlines- just start by taking 20 minutes out of each day to savor what is around you. Even if it’s a conversation with a friend, a walk in the fresh air, or cooking a meal with your family. You will train yourself to be more open all of the memory making that is around you. It is why we are here, afterall. 

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