Love Big

Let’s take a moment to read the above passage. You know when you read, hear, or see something that rings so true, you can’t help but share it with others? This has been one of those things for me. I want to talk about two ideas that I took from this:

  • Our capacity for love is never-ending
  • It is important to always remain enchanted with life

I believe that these two ideas go hand-in-hand, yet each hold their own unique purpose and meaning. The realization that our capacity to love (others, ourselves, and the world) is one that many people do not come to. Why is this? Well, oftentimes people let the moments of expected stressors and complications of everyday life become larger than the ones of wonder and love. This is a choice….as all things are really. We can choose to let the hard moments over-power the wonderful ones, or we can decide that despite any amount of stress, hardship, or worry, we will choose to still see the beautiful moments of life. This is not nearly as difficult as it sounds. It comes down to one thing. Our most essential, universal, and timeless need: to love and be loved. It is remembering to look for love each day. And if there is none to be found, create some.

It is also a choice to be enchanted by the moments in our life. Both the big and the small. When we begin to see what is around us as blessings, our entire perspective changes. Start small- maybe it is as simple as savoring your morning run or afternoon cup of coffee. The call from that friend, the beauty of the ocean. There really is so much good around us, all of the time. It is and always has been here around us, all of the time. Life gets so much better, more beautiful, and meaningful when we choose to look at them. While 2020 has been challenging for all of us, to say the least, let us see the silver lining in this situation: to change the way we see things. Let this time be a useful pause. A healthy shift in perspective. A chance to see how precious our moments truly are. To see what matters. To live our life based on the realization that we are all connected and that love is why we are here. 

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