Inspiration Everywhere

What an amazing thought: as we go about life we can be two pretty extraordinary things- the inspired and the inspirers. When I talk of this I don’t necessarily mean grand, larger than life inspiration. Inspiration can come in many different shapes and sizes. It can be spoken, written, felt, and heard. It can come from within and it can also come from without. And while it is true that inspiration that comes from within is incredibly important, it is also often just as important to make sure that we are surrounding ourselves and filling our days with people, places, and things that inspire us. That moves us to do better, be better, and leave positive marks on the world around us.

It is remarkable to think that on average, we will meet about 80,000 people in our lifetime. 80,000. It is a gift that the average person (like you and I), will have not only the chance, but the opportunity to connect with, inspire, and be inspired by tens of thousands of people throughout the course of our life. Let this fact be a reminder to us. A reminder that we are part of a much larger equation here. We have the power and the incredible opportunity to consciously touch the lives of those around us. It comes down to this: you never know who you may be having an impact on. 

We are social creatures meant to do this journey of life together. By simply living our best life and being the truest versions of ourselves that we can be, we are inspiring someone else. So get out there and share your story. Share what you know to be true. Wake up to life each day with a purpose to not only inspire those around you, but look for the inspiration in every situation. The lightness and the humor; the love, and the inspiration.

And so, I will leave you with this….

Here are some of my go-to ways to get a dose of inspiration when I feel I need it most:

  • Write: writing is one of the best ways to get into a creative, inspired space.
  • Listen to a podcast or read a book: sometimes listening to someone else share their wisdom and inspiration is the best thing you can do.
  • Exercise: I find that when I choose a scenic place to run, bike, or walk, inspiration comes and stress and overwhelm exit.
  • Plan something fun to do with family or friends: often times the best way to get in touch 

One thought on “Inspiration Everywhere

  1. Hi Paige, A sentence in your article brought to mind a book a just finished reading. I went back to the book and searched for it. This is the sentence: “Be all you can be. Become the best version of yourself”. Love reading your posts.


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