The 2% Club

According to research done at some of the most prestigious institutions in the nation (Harvard and Yale University, among others), it has been concluded that roughly 2% of people go on to fulfill their dreams. To add to this dismay, over 80% of Americans report disliking their job. Huh. Something seems wrong with this equation. Whether or not these numbers are accurate, it is no surprise that many people do in fact find a reason to give up on their dreams at some point in their life. I should also first address that this point in time that we are living in most likely feels like an odd time to be dreaming big. It may even seem selfish or out of place to dream and plan for your future. That is all completely understandable. And normal.

Well, what I am hoping that I can give to you today, is permission. Permission to dream, plan, visualize, hope, pray, and imagine your plans for what you want your life to look like. It is not selfish, and in fact, what the world needs more than anything is people who will do just that. People who, despite hardship, interruption, and challenge will never give up on what they want and know that they can make happen. When the world is filled with people who are fulfilled, it becomes a much better place. 

This year has marked what many people are referring to as “the great pause”. This pause has come with struggle, hardship, challenge, changes in plan, and veers off course. It has looked different for everyone, and while some have benefited from the slowing down and others have faced immense difficulty, it has been a “pause” in normalcy for all of us. But what if this time could be used for re-evaluation, reflection, and massive growth? What if there has been no better time to think about what you really want? If there has been any universal lesson during this time it has been the fact that our lives are precious. The time we are given is not to be taken for granted. And that is just the truth. 

So, what is it that you want for your life? Motivational Speaker and author Glennon Doyle once said, “I challenge you to think about this: what is the truest and most beautiful version of your life that you can imagine”? Well, I am now asking you the same thing. Think big. Dream hard. And if nothing else, know that it is okay to do so. It is actually imperative that you do. Time flies quickly. You mine as well use it by living out who you were meant to be.

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