“I’m Gonna Make It By Any Means; I’ve Got A Pocket Full of Dreams….”

We all have that pocket- the pocket full of dreams that Alicia Keys talks about in her song Empire State of Mind. Being an avid New York City visitor growing up, I have always felt the magic in this song. And so, I have been thinking recently about what this meant: to have a pocket full of dreams. To me, it means that no matter where we go, no matter what we have, or what we do, we are always carrying around these dreams inside of us (or in our pocket anyways). 

We ALL have dreams, and while some can’t wait to share them and others deny they are even there, they are inside each of us. Many have forgotten them, while others are just forming them. I don’t know about you, but I think that living a life without having dreams is quite simply, boring. And this is not to say that everyone will fulfill all of their wildest dreams, or that any of it will be easy. But what I am saying is that having vision for yourself and your future is so incredibly important. And by dreaming big and expanding the vision for what you thought you could achieve- well, that is an achievement in and of itself. And by thinking big for your future does not mean you are neglecting the present moment; in fact, by carrying around your pocket of dreams, the present moment will most likely become even more exciting. 

And as with most extraordinary things, comes an extraordinary amount of effort, work, and possibly even set-back. But, that is why it is called being extraordinary, as you must put in the “extra”. But that is more than okay, because in the end, the result will feel even more rewarding knowing you broke a sweat to get there. 

Dreams come in all shapes and sizes. Maybe your dream is to play for the NFL, launch your own business, or move to Florence. Or maybe it is to start a family, to land your dream job, or get into college. It may even be to start exercising or being brave enough to start writing a book. There is no limit and there is nothing too small. But, what I do know, is that I have dreams. And you have dreams. And they make life worth living. 

When we have something, a vision to look towards- we become motivated to push ourselves to the next level. And as many of the most remarkable people in the world will say- the real growth occurs during the process of getting to where you want to be. 

And, if you need a little pump-up, take 3 minutes and 36 seconds to listen to Alicia Keys. This song will make you dream big. 🙂

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