“So I just let go of what I know I don’t know…..”

Jason Mraz has always had a way with words, as all great artists do. Music has a way of saying things that spoken words often cannot. Today I want to talk about something that we all face. It is something we are facing especially now, at this point in our history. But, as with all challenges, you are given a crucial offer: to grow.

Uncertainty. What-if. The land of unknowns. Nobody likes it. It is not in our human nature to handle uncertainty with ease. In fact, it is in our survival instinct to react to it with fear. Since our beginning, we have been trained to always look around the next corner, to know exactly what is coming next, and encounter whatever that is with control and success. Well, that plan can’t always work, as I am sure everyone who is reading this knows. We just can’t always have it all lined up. However, we can trick our mind into reacting differently. Rather than reacting to uncertainty with fear, we can actually react to it with knowledge. With composure. With confidence. 

It is about adopting a sense of internal calm. The kind that sets you free. It is possible to set yourself free from the spiral of overthinking or the “art of creating problems that weren’t even there”. When you allow yourself to be calm on the inside no matter what the events are that are occuring externally, then you have gained true power. You no longer let things, other people, fears, and uncertainty control you and weigh you down. Is it natural to be afraid, scared, lonely, and frustrated when the world is out of control around you? Of course! But is it also possible to maintain a calm mind, body, and soul during even the most uncertain of conditions? Yes. 

We are living in arguably some of the most uncertain times in our lifetime. And it is okay to feel all of the feelings. You should, in fact, feel them all and see them all for what they are: real. But when you allow yourself to find your inner strength, peace, and calm, any situation starts to become a whole lot easier to digest. 

  • Recognize what you do know, and use it as knowledge.
  • Recognize what you do not know, and if you can learn it, learn it. And if you cannot, because it is uncertain or unknown, let it go.

Life is often placing roadblocks, throwing curveballs, and veering us off of our desired course; but you will learn that that is okay. When we remember that we are living a human experience, we realize that we are not alone. And when we remember our inner peace of mind, we can weather the storm around us with a bit more ease and confidence than before.

And when you start applying this to our life, you might even see a certain sense of spontaneity enter your days. And that is never a bad thing. Remember that often in the most uncertain of times, the brightest rays of hope and togetherness shine through. Embrace what you do know and use it. And what you don’t know- Let go of it. I bet you nobody else knows it either 😉

One thought on ““So I just let go of what I know I don’t know…..”

  1. You couldn’t have spoken it any clearer Paige…thank you for helping us all align these challenging times with perspective and grace.


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