“Shower The People You Love With Love…..Show Them The Way That You Feel”

James Taylor said it best. 

Telling other people the way that we feel about them is one of the most profound, yet simple things that we can do. Whether it is someone we love, appreciate, or have been impacted by, it is always best to tell them. I think that oftentimes, we think that we have all the time in the world to express our gratitude to others. We so often push it off to the grand moments in life to tell someone the impact they have had on us. And even then, we sometimes fail to do so. Why is this? Why do we shy away from expressing ourselves to others in this way? Perhaps it is a fear of being too vulnerable or open. But, if someone has touched your life in some way, why shouldn’t they know it? And I do not mean expressing this through grand gestures. It is very simple, and in fact, the simpler the better. This can come in a simple phone call, hand-written card, or face-to-face interaction.

Brene Brown, who has done groundbreaking research on the science behind vulnerability, courage, and human connection, defines vulnerability as “the birthplace of joy, belonging, and love….our greatest measure of courage”. Because, truth be told, when we tell others how we feel about them- that it is a courageous act. It is letting ourselves be seen. And that is being vulnerable. If you ask me I can’t think of something more beautiful.

It is true that we think that we have all the time in the word to express our love and gratitude to others. And, we have a tendency to assume that others already know just how we feel. But the truth is, is that many times people do not know exactly how we feel! We are all human and do not always have the most accurate mind-reading skills. With that said, there is even more reason to show it to people. And, if they do already know, more love never hurt anyone. There is never too much love, gratitude, and appreciation to go around. It is ever-abundant. Love is abundant but time is not. All any of us ever have is the present moment, and so take that time to show others how you feel.

And the coolest part, is that when you tell someone how they have impacted you, not only do they feel appreciated and loved, but so do you. Funny how that works. What you give out is what you recieve. And when you speak out into the world what and who you are grateful for, you begin to notice that your life is actually full of love. It is right in front of you. Take the time to see it.



2 thoughts on ““Shower The People You Love With Love…..Show Them The Way That You Feel”

  1. I wish every one would read this blog. There are many people who have a hard time showing affection. Love reading your blog. Keep up the good work. ❤️😀


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