Catching My Breath….Letting It Go

Yep, Kelly Clarkson said it. Sometimes that is just the thing that you need to do. Take a moment to catch your breath and reset. 

We all have moments throughout the day that can cause us to either act or react. We are overwhelmed by school or work, something was said that upset us, we are in a hurry, or maybe we are just plain tired. All of these situations, among more, as we all know, have the power to cause us to be reactive. Being reactive is the opposite of progress. It is the opposite of problem solving and solution. Do we all react sometimes? Yes, of course! That is part of what makes us all humans. But, also as humans we have the power to choose how we respond to a situation. Will we react out of fear, judgement, or anger? Or will we take action that will point us in the direction of progress, understanding, and success?

When we respond with the latter, we become action-oriented people. That is, when stress and problems arise, we first think of what we can do in that moment to make it better. When we become reactive, we let our negative emotions take control. This causes us to not only waste time, but we end up feeling worse in the long run. It all goes back to choosing what you sweat over and what you don’t. Each day is not effortless and it is certainly not conflict-free. I would choose wisely what you allow to hinder your mind and intention throughout the day. 

The way I think about it is like this: (keep the picture above in mind) Some days will be smooth-sailing and will seem like everything is working out just the way you want. And other days will be rather choppy and it will seem like one of those “when it rains it pours” kind of days. And then there will be days in between that have a little bit of both, or maybe seemingly stagnant. One of those cloudy sea days. Regardless of the state of the sea, try to remain as that calm sailboat that just goes with it. It does not fight against it. It accepts it, embraces it, and ultimately gets to its destination. Just the journey is harder and slower on some days than it is on others.

I challenge you today to catch yourself in the moments when you have a choice. The choice to act or react. Life is precious- even the moments that are challenging. No matter the sea, happy sailing to you today!



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