A Note On Gratitude: It Is The Attitude

It sure is. 

Motivational Speaker Tony Robbins can vouch for me. He says that when you are in a state of gratitude, you cannot be angry or fearful. It’s just not possible. You see, the brain literally blocks toxic emotions and feelings when it focuses on gratitude.

We have all heard of the idea of gratitude and that it is a positive emotion. But let’s define it in a way that we can relate to it and tap into it. To me, it is a feeling of abundance and true appreciation towards the goodness in life. It is one of the hardest emotions to describe because it produces an indescribable state of being. Gratitude has a way of making one feel alive. It seems to simplify things and has a wonderful ability to sweep away the small uncertainties, stressors, and unnecessary conflicts that blur our everyday experience. In other words, it provides clarity towards what really matters. Whether it is a meaningful conversation with a friend, an opportunity we have been given, a place, a gesture by a complete stranger, or even a difficult experience that taught us something, the chance to tap into gratitude is almost always there. 

But why is it so hard to sometimes? It is easy to forget to tap into gratitude when the rush and the stress of everyday life takes over. Our brains are wired to pay special attention to the negative. It is just the way they are conditioned! But, we have the ability to change that and rewire it through a positive, abundant, grateful, peaceful lense. And like with anything else, it just takes practice. These are some ways in which you can do this everyday:

  1. Keep a gratitude journal: write down 3 things each day that you are grateful for. This not only puts life into perspective, but it physically rewires the brain to look for it.
  2. Share your gratitude for others with them: Tell the people who you are grateful for that you are. Connection is everything. Why wait to tell people that they have made an impact in your life?
  3. Make your space a reminder of what you are grateful for: Make sure that the space you spend time in, is in line with what makes you feel the best. Whether this is pictures of your friends and families, special memories, meaningful quotes, or tokens of appreciation from other people- fill your space with them! An uplifting atmosphere allows for a much better day and mindset.
  4. Person, Place, Thing: Think of a person you are grateful for, a place, and a thing (maybe it is an activity, a tradition, etc.) that brings meaning to your life. Having these three as an anchor thought is another reminder of all that you have to be grateful for.

To me, my connections with other people is what has always created the most profound sense of gratitude in my life. I believe that what we share with others is what life is all about. And I am grateful to share this with all of you.

🙂 Paige

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