Presence: It’s The Best Gift

It really is. 

There is tremendous power in fully being in each moment. In other words, “being where your feet are”. It is no secret that the only time we really have is the present moment. If you want to be a happier, more fulfilled, and impactful person; whether this is in your relationships, at school, at work, or even just with yourself- being present is the key. It is quite simple. It just takes a tilt in perspective. 

We are all guilty of focusing, sometimes even perseverating on the past and the future throughout our day. But, what we don’t realize, is that when we do this, we are robbing ourselves of what is lying right in front of us! Research from Harvard discusses how on average, we humans spend roughly 47% of our day thinking about the past and future! And the more time we spend focusing on the small, trivial matters (what some may call “sweating the small stuff”), the more LIFE we miss.

Let’s take a moment to think about this. Do you notice that the times when you are truly the happiest are the times when you are putting your whole self and focus into whatever it is that you are doing, wherever you are doing it? It is true that time flies by when you are having fun! But, as much as “time flying by” is an indicator of joy, a big part of being present means that we allow time to slow down. When we let ourselves experience the moment, it slows it down, creating peace and groundedness. And the thing is, oftentimes the most fulfilling moments are the small ones. At the time, they may even seem ordinary. But, in the end, they are the ones that count the most. For example, an interaction with someone you love, meeting someone who has changed your perspective, the morning coffee, the laugh with a friend, the walk by the ocean. These are the moments that we take the most for granted- but they are the most sacred and beautiful.

Today, I want you to be mindful of how often you let your mind wander. When you catch yourself sweating the things that really do not matter, stop and remember that life is meant to be enjoyed. It is meant to be embraced and accepted for all that it is; in the moments that are challenging and remarkable and everything in between. No matter what the moment is, be present to it. Rather than getting lost in the day, become lost in the moment. There is always something to be learned, and the only way to go about learning is if you are fully there. When you give yourself permission to be present, you not only change your own life, but you change the lives of others too. Oftentimes being present speaks louder than words. I promise. You just need to see for yourself.

🙂 Paige

5 thoughts on “Presence: It’s The Best Gift

  1. I enjoyed this post. I believe too many people worry about tomorrow or what other people are thinking instead of living and enjoying the present moments. Great job. Hope you are doing well.


  2. I have an additional comment. In your post you stated to be present in the moment. I just read the following in a book by Matthew Kelly. Quote: Open your hearts, minds and souls that each MOMENT is an opportunity to love. When I read this I immediately thought of your recent post and went back to re-read it. Keep up the good work. I enjoy reading your posts.


    1. Dolores, thank you so much for your support and encouragement in regards to A Paige From My Book!! It truly means so much to me. And I love that Matthew Kelly quote- thank you very much for sharing that 🙂


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