Take A Deep Breath…It’s All Good!

Take a Deep Breath….It’s all good! 

So as I was deciding what I wanted my first post to be about, I knew I wanted to start with a foundational idea. The only way we can learn to apply advice and insight into our life is if we can prime our mind and thoughts to be receptive to them. It is one thing to learn about philosophies, advice, and tips on how to live an empowered life, and it is another to implement them. It’s like holding the key without opening the door. You’ve got to open the freaking door!

I was recently listening to a podcast featuring Motivational Speaker Les Brown. He was talking about the difference between a fixed mindset- that is, the belief that who we are now: what we know, our talents, our relationships, finances, etc. are as developed as they will get. A closing-off of new possibilities so to speak. He also mentioned that 98 % of our thoughts are repeats of the thoughts we had the day before! And to make this even more shocking, is the fact that on average 80% of those thoughts are negative….Huh! I would call that a pretty limited belief system if you ask me. What separates those who pursue their goals and live purposefully, as opposed to those who do not, is their mindset. Now, the opposite of a fixed mindset, is a growth mindset, meaning a belief system that we as humans are constantly growing and expanding. It allows people to live with a sense of wonder, curiosity, and confidence. Ultimately allowing them to live to their highest potential. Don’t we all want that? Well, good news! You CAN have that!

Everyone, regardless of circumstance can develop a growth mindset. If our emotions and experiences are primarily determined by our perception of our own life, then there you have it. The power lies in YOU. Only you can change your mindset. Don’t get me wrong- this is not always easy. Yes, life does get in the way sometimes, and this is not about being positive all the time- that’s just not in our human nature! But what we can do, is develop the trait and the habit of living in a state of growth, possibility, and positivity rather than negativity and static. Our minds physically change when we change our thoughts. Limiting beliefs about ourselves and the world around us have been deeply etched into our brain for as long as we have been thinking them. But, if we change them, new neural pathways will literally be created and the new beliefs and thoughts will become default.

“Sounds great, but how do I start to do this??” you may be wondering. While it may sound complicated, it truly is quite simple. It is a matter of looking at your life currently. Right now. What are the things you want to do with the rest of your life? Do you want to be healthier, happier, calmer, wealthier, start a career, etc. etc.? First, you need to start with what the beliefs are about yourself that are holding you back. The next step is facing them head on, because we can’t change them if we don’t acknowledge them. With time and practice, you will start to see that all that you want is possible. And to be honest, life is not a dress rehearsal. Take a deep breath and let that sink in. We are given one shot at it….it is our responsibility to make it count. 

Thank you for joining me this week! Next week, we will discuss the power of setting intentions. It is still just the start of a new year- new decade in fact! What are ways you know how to set intentions to make them stick? See you next week! Sign up to subscribe to this blog to get updates delivered directly to your email each week- just go to bottom of the “A Paige From My Book” title page!

🙂 Paige

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